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One Voice Conference - Dallas

Lisa-Marie Newton at One Voice Voiceover Conference in Dallas
One Voice Voiceover Conference 2023

I did it! As part of my litany of goals for 2023, attending a voiceover conference seemed both do-able and formidable.

After all, I didn't have to do audition or apply or be picked by anyone to be there. I just had to make the commitment and show up. (The do-able part)

But, I didn't know anyone! I was still new to this. There were going to be so many super successful and experienced voice actors there. Some who are "famous" in the voiceover world. How would I cope?? (The formidable part.)

As with most things, it turned out quite different than I expected and it was neither as easy or as hard as I had thought. Instead, I ran into people I knew - some from aaaaages ago, some from just a few years ago. I met some new friends and found we had a lot in common. I learned from some fantastic coaches in medical voiceover and commercial voiceover who were encouraging. And I got some tips and tricks on how to make this whole entrepreneur journey a little easier and a little less lonely.

I rested when I needed to. I didn't try to be the most popular person in the room. But I asked the questions I wanted to ask. I soaked up the advice. And I put myself "out there" to talk with experts and newbies alike.

Pretty proud. I will for sure take this back to my life doing Corporate Narration and Explainer Videos. Thank you to everyone at the One Voice Conference 2023 for making my first one a good one! I'm sure there will be more in my future.


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