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Attn: Introverts! Advice requested

Confession: I'm currently a Voiceover Conference virgin. But that is about to change!

A conference room

This Thursday, I'm flying to Dallas, TX for the One Voice Conference. One of my goals for this year was to attend a voiceover conference, so that I can meet other voice actors and learn from them. I am meeting that goal. Yay me!

But here's the problem:

I'm an introvert, I will know no one at this conference, and I'm nervous!

The Oxford Dictionary defines an Introvert as "a shy, reticent person. eg. 'I'm an introvert and I hate public speaking.'" Well, I love public speaking. In fact, give me an audience and I relax completely. But I hate being in a group of new people - especially when they are people who mostly know each other - and being expected to network.

Gravy for the Brain, the company that puts on the One Voice Conference, held a pre-conference mixer last week on Zoom, which allowed me to meet a few folks one-on-one, a little like speed-dating, so I have at least been introduced to a few people. Most of the veterans I met at the Zoom mixer said "Oh, you're going to love it! Everyone is super friendly." But I'm still not sure.

A shy, reticent woman
What do you say?

So, what would your advice be to someone who is introverted, but needs to network in a new environment with people she's never met before?

Updates (and photos) to come next week!

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