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Lisa-Marie is a storyteller at heart. From a Minnesota basement in the 1970’s where she wrote and directed shows for her little brother to act in on “The TV” (a large cardboard box with an oval hole cut into one side) to conservatory training in opera, and eventually an acting career, she has stories to tell.

As a two-time cancer survivor and a Type 1 Diabetic for nearly 50 years, Lisa-Marie has been there and done that, but she is always relating to the people around her.  She is the first person folks turn to when a loved-one is diagnosed with cancer, because she understands that someone with a new diagnosis needs reassurance and humor. That soothing and caring, but confident and cheeky voice always comes through in her work. 

Turning her attention to Voiceover for Corporate Narration and Explainer Videos, Lisa-Marie (who used to think that business was boring) realized that what businesses really need is a good story. Steve Jobs had a good story to tell when Apple launched. Robert Wood Johnson had a good story to tell when he created Johnson & Johnson. This is what Lisa-Marie does: she tells your story so that it is engaging and informative. She makes it a good story.


As an actor on-camera and a voice over artist in the booth, Lisa-Marie has worked with Kaiser Permanente, Burger King, CertaPro Painters, The Spot satellite phone, Cisco, and Toyota.​


Corporate Narration Voiceover Demo

Lisa-Marie Newton, Voice Actor

Anne Ganguzza, Producer

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